Monday, January 14, 2019

Rumors, Reactions and Refreshment

TRANSPARENCY. The word of the day. When I made the decision to let others in on my diagnosis, I know human nature well enough to expect a certain about of exaggeration and misunderstanding. It is a time such as this that I can identify with Mark Twain and his letter to the reporter who inquired about news of his demise when he said "the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated".
Although most reactions have been kind, encouraging and filled with offers of prayer, some have set  the whole process in fast forward past the tribulation and a hundred years into the millennium complete with mildewed gravestone and faded newspaper clipped obituary. 
My answer is simply this: God will keep me alive and well until He is finished with me. Although I feel somewhat an accelerated need to really live life to the fullest and lead our ministry through necessary changes, my prayer is still that God would lead one day at a time. 
I've had the privilege through phone calls and social media to be greatly encouraged by a host of friends and spiritual mentors. Along with the prayers being promised, some have provided thought provoking reminders of the fact that the journey is just as important as the destination. 
One such post that helped me keep this in perspective is from my friend Keith Bassham  (he can say more in a couple of paragraphs than I can in ten pages)

He wrote:

"When Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur Fellowship passed away, one of her coworkers said to the leaders that God had expressed confidence in her followers by taking her from them. In a similar way, God expressed confidence in Job when He called him to the attention of Satan. I have no death wish, and I’m not intentionally seeking a path of suffering, but if and when it does come, I hope to have faith to see it as something God purposes, if not for me, perhaps for others. And, I hope to have the faith to see it as something of a grace coming to me, an expression of God’s confidence in the work He has been doing in me these 50 years. Be convinced of my prayer and continued friendship. God speed on your journey. I will be following closely."
These special fountains of fresh spring waters and wonderful conversations are a life bonus and reflect the kindness of God in unexpected times on an uncertain path to a promised haven. God is good. 

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