Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"You Are Too Old To Be a Missionary?!"

"You Are Too Old To Be a Missionary!" is what Gene Willcut was told when first arrived at Baptist Bible College in his 30's. After he pleaded to get the missionary instruction he needed to go win folks in Mexico was then given, he and Dorthy spent 31 years on the mission field where he started 30 churches. Many souls came to Christ because he determined that they were not "too old" to serve God! He invested in developing leadership, building buildings, and discipling believers. His focus was: winning people to Christ and establishing churches. 

He and Dorthy were approved by the Baptist Bible Fellowship to go to Mexico in 1961 and retired in

As Gene and Dorthy's pastor when I was in Altus (1994-2003) I would have to say they were one of the most godly couples I have ever known. Their prayer life and godly advice certainly will always be remembered. It was such a joy to go by his house where Dorthy would greet me in her own special way, invite me in and then excuse herself because she would say "the men need to talk". I am sure there was a great reunion this week in heaven with each other and many who are there because of their lives and testimony for Christ. 

Gene Willcut passed away February 14, 2008 and Dorthy Willcut passed away Tuesday, July 2, 2013 in Iowa where she was living with her daughter. The following is a video of their work in Mexico. Thank you for giving to the Lord... I am a life that was changed!

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  1. Beautiful tribute, one of their many granddaughters was one of my best childhood friends, and neighbors. I used to love when her nanna and pappa would come from Mexico, Heather couldn't wait to see them, great people!! Heather went to be with the Lord shortly before her Pappas, what a reunion indeed.